Some days are discouraging….

Some days I just feel like this image when it comes to writing.  Pounding my head against the keyboard, lamenting that I will never get it, never!
I’ve been feeling this way badly the last few days. I’d been kind of stuck for a while…partially due to being very busy, partially because my mental health wasn’t in the best place, but also because the narrator/protagonist in my current WIP just wasn’t quite working, and it was making me avoid writing because it was just bothering me.
Then this last week, my schedule started to clear up (amazing what saying ‘NO’ will do. Especially when the biggest person you have to say no to is yourself.), and I took the time to analyze what was bothering me about my WIP, break it down, and try to find a solution. Ended up with a couple of ideas, but I didn’t implement them for a couple of days, until Saturday. This was Not Good.
When I took a few minutes to implement one, I was busy and somewhat cranky, so I rushed through just one option and shot it off to my sister for approval.  By the time she called me a few hours later, I was out running errands and had reached the point of being very, very cranky for unrelated reasons, but it made the fact that she didn’t think it was an improvement, shatter me like crystal when you sing a note at the right volume and frequency.  
Since then, the desire and excitement to write that had been building has been fully replaced by discouragement and despair.  Admittedly, my mood in general has not been ideal.  And the fact that I had to start prednisone today because I’ve been having some serious asthma issues (for the first time in my life!) all this past week, well, that doesn’t help one little bit.  
So I’m pausing for a moment to regroup and re-stoke myself for this.  But any positive comments from others about my writing might be helpful.

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