POV, Process, and Practice, Practice, Practice

I belong to some writing-oriented social media groups.  And there are a lot of fledgling authors on there, asking for advice.  Technically, I’m still a fledgling as well, but I’ve learned a few things that apparently aren’t universal knowledge (which is totally possible, just as it’s possible they know stuff I don’t), and that’s what … Read more

My personal analysis of Sherlock season/series 4, episode 3

Because I KNOW y’all have just been DYING to know what I thought about it. 😛 WARNING: SPOILERS!!! So, the first time through this episode, since everything was new to me, I was basically just working to figure out what was happening, with a little how. The second time allowed me to figure out more how, but … Read more

Finding Your Process

Getting up to speed on writing is an interesting process.  And being the epistemophiliac that I am, I love watching and figuring out the process (and the perception of learning the process…I know, meta, right?) as much as writing and learning about writing itself. So, most writers I’ve seen, especially the ones that do a … Read more