Overcommit? Me? Naaahhh….

I have fallen from the writing wagon and I’m trying to get back on.  That involves a lot of re-prioritising and culling of things from my to-do list.

About a month ago a friend helped me start going to the gym.  That has been good, but it increases my mood boosting endorphins, which can throw my delicate bipolar brain off.  Which means that I’ve really started overcommitting myself.  That’s easy to do when you don’t have a 9-5 job, school, or kids, so you think all your time is ‘free’ and you can cram it full of whatever you want.  Kind of like how people put too many things into the summer or on Saturdays, because they think they are ‘open,’ then those times become crazy.

Anyway, just to give some examples, here is a brief list of some of the things I’ve committed to lately:

  1. heading up putting little libraries around our town, including gathering materials for building them, gathering and sorting donated books, finding plans, finding places to get them put together, nagging people for help, talking with the city about permissions, talking with HOAs about permissions, talking to people about putting them on their property, etc.
  2. Two baby shower and one Christmas knitting project, one birthday (end of November) and one Christmas cross-stitch project (one to be sewn into a pillow).
  3. Creating a database for a writing organization.
  4. Teaching Scrivener webinars.
  5. Providing Scrivener support.
  6. participating in a local writing org at a library, including doing a Scrivener table at Indie author day.
  7. being involved with my local critique group.
  8. a full week of intense job training at the end of this month, followed (hopefully) by getting a job.
  9. Organizing monthly education bits for Storymakers Tribe.
  10. Planning an extended family reunion for next year.

Combined with all my normal household, family, friend, and church obligations, this adds up to a large amount of time, which hasn’t left much for writing.  Time to re-prioritise and move writing up on the list again.  Especially because, being bipolar, I don’t know when the energy will stop and it can cause problems when it does.

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