I Write Like…

This is a fun little site that analyzes whatever writing sample you give it and compares it to the works of famous authors to see whose style your writing resembles.  I got the same answer for my fiction and my blog posts. 🙂 I write like Agatha Christie About Agatha Christie | Analyze your text

POV, Process, and Practice, Practice, Practice

I belong to some writing-oriented social media groups.  And there are a lot of fledgling authors on there, asking for advice.  Technically, I’m still a fledgling as well, but I’ve learned a few things that apparently aren’t universal knowledge (which is totally possible, just as it’s possible they know stuff I don’t), and that’s what … Read more

I’m published!

Always have been most passionate about writing fiction.  Little non-fiction bits were a side hobby.  But sometimes our side hobbies are important, too, it seems, and a number of my pieces were accepted for this anthology that came out this month.  Got my copy today, and I’m so excited!  If you are interested in getting … Read more