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I haven’t been able to read much for the past fifteen years or so.  Not because I’ve been terribly busy or because of anything physically stopping me, but because the depression has been so bad that it took away the fun of it and big books actually give me anxiety!  Sad, but true. 🙁  The last month or two, however, has been better, and I’ve actually finished reading one book and am nearly done with a second!  Truly a record for the last 15 years.  🙂

Both the books I have loved immensely.  In re-acclimatizing myself to books, I have found it best to either re-read books I know are amazing (such and Pride and Prejudice or To Kill a Mockingbird), or read light and fluffy books that are easier to digest, generally YA.  Sometimes this resulted in reading some very bad books (anyone want a couple of lightly used Twilight books?), but in general, the books have been good.

The last one I completed was absolutely delightful: The Accidental Highwayman by Ben Tripp.  To give a clue as to its awesomeness, here is the full title: The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, a Mysterious Princess, and Sundry Magical Persons Besides.

If this has made you curious, let me tell you a bit of what I often like, which may give you an idea as to what this contains.  I have always LOVED mythology, folklore, and fairy tales.  I often have old-fashioned tastes, but the psychological implications, historical and cultural implications, and archetypes are rife in them as well.  Though I understand the appeal of multidimensional protagonists and antagonists, the pure good and evil of some of the simpler and older stories never lose their allure to me.  I also lean heavily toward older books, late Georgian to Edwardian eras being my favourites, and my tastes run very, very British.

The tome I am currently reading is Winter by Melissa Meyer.  It’s the 4th in the Lunar Chronicles series, which I have enjoyed very much.  While I am pedantic enough to be annoyed by certain technical inaccuracies (it’s not an antidote or a vaccine.  It’s a cure.  Sheesh.), her characterizations are wonderful, and her varied types of romances are some of the most delightful I have read.  MMM!  At this point, 80% done with the final book in the series, I was simply being excited as I read, until I thought, oh no.  It’s very vogue for authors to not always have happy endings anymore.  What if this doesn’t have a completely happy ending?  What if…one of my favourite characters DIES?!  Which has filled me with a latent panic only true book lovers can understand.

So, go have fun today and read some books.  Ta!

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