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Something New

This is basically Sherlock/Forever fan fic.  Scoff if you want, but it was great practice!  It’s still in early draft stage, but I’ve had good responses so far.  If you have helpful comments on this, I’d be happy to receive them!

Some important notes:

  1. This is primarily Sherlock fan fiction (aka ‘practice’), so if you haven’t seen all of the episodes of Sherlock, there might be some parts you don’t get.   I have tried to add footnotes in places where the British terminology or Sherlock references might be too difficult to understand, but let me know if you have other questions.
  2. Because it is set in Great Britain, and all the characters are British, I used British spelling throughout.  This means it will probably light up American English spell checkers like a Christmas tree.  So unless you KNOW I used the wrong word or typoed or spelled something wrong, you can just ignore that stuff.
  3. I also used concepts from a show that was cancelled last year called Forever.  I thought that the philosophical and psychological ideas explored through that show were interesting, even though the ‘technology’ behind the main premise was very dumb.  So when you see the dumb twist in this, just remember I didn’t make it up, I stole it, and try to look at the psychological and philosophical (and maybe social as well) implications rather than technical ones.  If you’re curious about this show, you can watch all the episodes, legally and free, here: at the CWseed website.  Warning: this link will start playing the pilot as soon as it opens.
  4. There is a little bit of swearing in this.  Because of the setting and pre-existing characters, I felt it would be dorky as well as not true to character to completely eliminate them, but I did try to minimize them.  So be warned!
  5. While this IS fan fiction, I tried to treat it like a real book.  In other words, I try not to assume you know EVERYTHING from the shows (though it does help some), and I try to have real character and story arcs.  So hopefully you can read it like a regular book and not just think I’m some freakish obsessive fan (even though I am. 😉 ).
  6. So if you still want to read it, click here: Something New
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