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Our Entertainment Industry and the Election

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So, I’ve been watching the show “Conviction” this season.  It’s new, but it’s already been cancelled.  After only eight episodes, it’ll be gone.  I can’t really say I’m surprised, and I think its existence and its cancellation explain a lot of the divide in our country that hit the fan on Tuesday.

So, like most shows these days, it focuses on complex characters and multiple story arcs.  It being something of a crime drama, it would have a single arc per episode (the crime), but over-arching arcs involving the characters, too.  It pulls people in emotionally and gets them involved enough to keep watching.  It’s pretty standard practice these days.

I couldn’t decide if I liked the show or not.  I like the star, Hayley Atwell.  I like crime dramas.  I like complex characters.  The off-putting part?  The political statement was crazy overdone.  Let me break it down.

Of the primary cast, here’s a break down:

  • Main protagonist is a bisexual female.  Politically correct points: +2
  • Her brother is gay.  Politically correct points: +1
  • Her mother is an extremely obvious representation of Hillary Clinton, and presented as an amazing woman running for Senator of New York.  Politically correct points: +1  (I could give +2 because of the representation of her as a person of power, but I’m only giving points for labels considered oppressed.)
  • Attractive power-hungry DA, male and (so far) heterosexual.  Politically correct points: -1 (though the power hungry stereotype cliche is a little extreme.)
  • Hispanic, gay ex-con made good by becoming a forensics expert.  Politically correct points: +3
  • female attorney.  Politically correct points: +1
  • Ambitious male prosecutor.  Politically correct points: -1
  • Black female ex-cop.  Politically correct points: +2

Total politically correct points: 8

Now, since this is a brand-new metric I just made up, it’s difficult to tell if 8 is a high number or not.  But I double-dog dare you to find a show and apply the criteria I used (main, regular characters only, +1 point for each ‘minority’ status/trait, -1 point for each white guy) with half as many points as this one.  Add to this the plot premise and the outcome of every show so far, and it is so far left it would fall off the world if the flat-earthers were right.

The premise of the show is that this former first daughter is a troublemaker caught with cocaine and sort of blackmailed, because of her family’s power, by an ex-boyfriend DA into heading up a Conviction Integrity Unit to check on the integrity of past convictions in the city.  And the outcome of EVERY episode so far has been that yes, every conviction was wrong.  And minorities are always victims, rich people are always judgmental and manipulative pricks who game and control the system.

Now, there are a few things about this that are troublesome: It doesn’t represent reality.  Now, to be fair, for nearly a hundred years, Hollywood whitewashed everything.  No people of color, women marginalized, only one form of sexuality represented.  But flipping the proportions to such a unrealistic level isn’t real, either.  And representing one class of society as always selfish and evil is not right.  It doesn’t matter that that class sometimes has hurt others.  And presenting the system as 100% wrong is even more flawed than presenting the system as infallible.  Because it takes our hope.  It shatters our faith in the good that’s out there.

One of the claims made by the left is that those in power–the old white men, the educated, the system, the religions, etc.–that those have oppressed and hurt us.  And sometimes they have.  That is undeniable.

But now the left has taken power, through entertainment and stories that focus on that hurt that some people have experienced and blowing it up to be something that can only be rectified through revenge and control.  Through taking science and inflating it into its own religion, as much based in suppositions and faith in the conclusions they have drawn from finite information as any traditional religion.   They have taken this, what they believe is infallible, undeniable ‘right,’ and they stand as self-righteously, derisively, and violently on that pedestal as any old time robber baron.

This show was an example of this high horse they feel they ride.   Instead of examining the nuances of good and evil and what comprises the good and evil in each of us and in our society, and giving equal inspection of–and grace to–majority and minority, rich and poor, old white men and young hedonistic minorities, they simple flip the prejudice and self-righteous bigotry around.

And those who are the new victims don’t appreciate it.  Frankly, the ones who try to give everyone an equal shake and look at things logically don’t appreciate it, either.  No one likes having their lives destroyed.  And we’re not just talking rich white men.  There are a LOT of people out there with good old-fashioned values that received very little benefit from traditional systems.  They were poor despite their skin color.  They were mistreated despite their money.  But they saw the good that came from that system.  And after being maligned by the new self-righteous power system, they are tired of it.  And it showed in the election this past Tuesday.

While there has been strong accusations that it was the bigotry and misogyny that got Trump elected, that wasn’t the huge numbers that got him the Presidency.  The bigots and jerks that liked that part of his personality, I firmly believe, were in the minority.  But there was a large, desperate part of this country that has seen their way of life destroyed, their values maligned, and their very selves mocked and trod under foot by the new elite that have included most entertainment and many political figures.  So, while Trump is despicable, and they knew it, he was still the only one even offering to help preserve these people and some of their values and way of life.  Yes, he’s probably not trustworthy.  But someone making empty promises to save your life is far better than another vowing to destroy it.

So look at yourself in the mirror.  Are you becoming what you say you hate, just with a different hat?  Work on loving.  Work on forgiving.  Work on making the world a better place.  Not by destroying evil.  But by crowding it out and changing it into good.

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