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Author: Dyany

Some Suggestions for Using Scrivener in Critique Groups

Posted in Scrivener Tips

I love using Scrivener for all my writing, as you well know.  However, it took me a while to find a good process for sharing…

I’m published!

Posted in Booky stuff

Always have been most passionate about writing fiction.  Little non-fiction bits were a side hobby.  But sometimes our side hobbies are important, too, it seems,…

Self-Worth and Eternal Editing Hell

Posted in Booky stuff, and Ponderings

I know basically two kinds of new writers.  Those who believe they suck, and those who believe they are awesome.  I know a LOT more…

My personal analysis of Sherlock season/series 4, episode 3

Posted in entertainment, and Ponderings

Because I KNOW y’all have just been DYING to know what I thought about it. 😛 WARNING: SPOILERS!!! So, the first time through this episode,…

Writing Conflicts and Living

Posted in Booky stuff, and Ponderings

So I’m reading this book right now (well…audiobook…but still) and I stopped about four days ago because I started to realize what the major conflict…

Our Entertainment Industry and the Election

Posted in entertainment, and Ponderings

So, I’ve been watching the show “Conviction” this season.  It’s new, but it’s already been cancelled.  After only eight episodes, it’ll be gone.  I can’t…

Some days are discouraging….

Posted in Booky stuff, and Ponderings

Some days I just feel like this image when it comes to writing.  Pounding my head against the keyboard, lamenting that I will never get…

Finding Your Process

Posted in Booky stuff, and Ponderings

Getting up to speed on writing is an interesting process.  And being the epistemophiliac that I am, I love watching and figuring out the process…

Overcommit? Me? Naaahhh….

Posted in Ponderings

I have fallen from the writing wagon and I’m trying to get back on.  That involves a lot of re-prioritising and culling of things from…

My latest ‘well I’m trying to get closer to getting back to writing’ project.

Posted in Ponderings


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